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Successful marketing is an integrated system of strategies, tools, tactics, pricing, outreach and everything that helps your market find you. This blog contains examples of a few strategies and tactics.

That’s why you’ll see a vast assortment of information in this blog. 

And to make all this fun and more effective, we have many articles about walking and neuroscience to “move your business forward” (pun intended) on our Walks With Bliss pages.  

Our services offer comprehensive solutions . . .

ali photoAllison Bliss, Director of Oakland Marketing Agency “Allison Bliss Consulting” offers visitors articles, tips, and tools for both established businesses (over 10 years) and entrepreneurs to help them increase profits, save time and grow business.

The agency’s Marketing & Communications Services offer customized projects with teams of specialists. Our affordable and high value marketing services and programs range from Social Media to  video, SEO, writing, design and more – all in one agency affording you time and money savings.

After all, ignorance is expensive, but “Knowledge is Bliss.

Contact Allison Bliss Consulting for details, estimates or service. 510-879-7600

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