“Converting Web Traffic Into Sales”

So, you’ve done some great SEO (search engine optimization) to build traffic to your website. (If you haven’t, take a look at the bottom)**

But are you making the sales or growing your clientele? That’s what ‘conversion’ is all about. Converting visitors to take action, to learn more, and to make purchases of your products or services.

To convert website visitors to buyers, here are a few tips to help:

1. Be certain to add Google Analytics to your site (it’s free!) so you can measure where your visitors come from, which pages are most popular, which percentage of visitors actually purchase items from you & other critical factors that can be analyzed to convert traffic to sales.

If you need our programmer to add the Google analytics code to your website, just contact us with a request.

2. Build your Social Network outreach (twitter, facebook, linked in, etc.). It’s free, but you should devote a half hour daily to learn to maximize it’s potency for your business. Here are a few tools to save you dozens of hours by showing you how to set up your social media to make it work.

3. Create a blog, free report, ezine, downloadable pdf with instructional info, or free ecourses to help your web visitors better understand your offerings.


If you add up the long term value of a typical client, you may find for small professional service businesses that they’re worth $4,000-$30,000 over the course of a year.

If you’re only getting 1 out of every 100 web visitors to convert into becoming a client you’re not making your ‘conversion tools’ work hard enough. Test a few tools (i.e.; a webinar instead of a free report, or video instead of a newsletter, for example) to find out if you can increase your sales to a 3% conversion. You’ve just turned $4,000K into $12,000/yr.

4. Build your Affiliate income. Let’s say you’re a writer and I’ve got a great service that benefits your clients or web visitors so they  stand out from the crowd (that’s called “positioning” in marketing parlance). Perhaps you’d want to offer them this “Knowledge is Bliss Positioning Package” of ours for sale on your website – you’d help your clients so that your writing would be even more effective – without guessing at the positioning, too!

For each package sold through your site, you might receive a $200 commission. And best of all you helped your clients at the same time. Win-win, right? And you didn’t even spend 2 minutes doing any work. [If you’re interested, please just contact us since we individually approve our affiliates.]

So, who could you partner with that has these products on their site that you could be selling? Maybe you work with a transcriptionist who could help your legal clients. Or maybe you sell a series of CDs that train people on dog behavior tips and know a vet who would love to sell your CD’s on their website. Put some brainstorming into it and watch your income grow.

Go forth and prosper: Follow Your Bliss . . .


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