More Time Enables Better Marketing

How much more success would you have if you had time to do all the marketing, branding, outreach or activities you know you should?


Here are a few more of my favorite time-saving tools so you have time to improve your marketing.


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As a creative person, I come up with a dozen ideas an hour, don’t you? Ah, where to put those ‘sticky note’ ideas?


How to remember everything? Can it be categorized by project? Yep! Welcome to the free tool, Evernote.Now you’ve saved an hour searching through notes for that one item you wanted.


Does it seemingly take 20 emails to schedule with friends, meetings, volunteer activities, or just life in general. What if you could do it all on one screen and share that info? Welcome to Scheduling all in one place. Ah, that just saved you 45 minutes!!


Here are several more useful resources and tools?


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Of course you don’t have time to read every single post! Just take what you need.

Knowledge is Bliss, after all.


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