Get Attention: Stand Out!

If your business can be found amongst the zillions out there, you’ll be able to help more people and make more sales. That’s called “Positioning” in Marketing .

Since most of us are simply bombarded with information, it’s critically important to establish positioning to get found.

While most people think about branding their business, building a great product or service, and getting it promoted to their clients, this elusive “positioning” is most often lacking in marketing.

Examples of company “positioning”

Some great examples of positioning are Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” campaign demonstrating their differentiation by having better cell carriers conversations. While this was their branding message, they also stood out and got attention because so many cel carriers at the time had awful reception.

Not the first light beer, Miller Lite positioned itself as the calorically correct choice and won huge market share as a result. Amazon is positioned as everything book-related and now expanding to, well, everything. Can you see how that might be  weakening their positioning? I bet many consumers think this: “Hmmm, do I shop Ebay, Target or Amazon? – aren’t they all the same?”

Positioning for small business

The trick is to handle positioning the same way large corporations do- just spend less and be smarter!

Corporations often conduct months and months of research and focus groups to evaluate the market’s perception costing hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions, like Pepsi or other big name brands).

Often I find that trying to create positioning for one’s own company is like doing brain surgery on oneself: We just don’t have the perspective ourselves. In an attempt to help you get started, follow these quick tips to learn some techniques for positioning;

1. Visit your competitor’s websites to see what they offer. List the value and qualifications you offer that are different. Add those differentiators to your promotional materials.

2. Brainstorm with your vendors, clients or on social media. These audiences will often have a perspective that you don’t about the unique talents or service you offer.

3. Review your testimonials. Do any ‘keywords’  jump out at you that explain how you’re special or really different? If so, promote those assets!

4. Get professional help from a marketing pro who knows how to define and analyze your positioning for you. We created our “Knowledge is Bliss” positioning programs because there was no affordable way to help smaller-than-Pepsi businesses gain significant impact that really worked. Our clients often increase earnings by thousands of dollars rather quickly from this program.

What do companies experience?

“I’m so delightfully surprised by the extent of the impact that your ‘Knowledge is Bliss’ package has had on my business – it’s far more than I had originally anticipated. I’ve noticed that I’m several thousand dollars ahead of my earnings last year resulting from your marketing advice.”
– Kathleen Kline, Kathleen Kline & Associates

More experiences 

How to Use This Positioning Intelligence

Once your positioning is defined, you use that description of your company in introductions, sales presentations, promotions, on your website, social media profiles or other marketing materials. Positioning is the crux of your branding!

Here are a couple examples of companies we positioned in some branding campaigns:

golden assoc reduced brochureOne landscape design company in the forefront of  environmental sustainability.

The other example is a corporation whom we positioned as the ‘fun alternative’ in an industry perceived as dull or  unimaginative (corporate insurance benefits).


How is our company different?

We just know what works and what doesn’t! That’s why we say “Knowledge is Bliss”.

We offer strategic business and marketing expertise along with expert teams who deliver Total Marketing Services – a  one-stop shop, saving you time and cost.


happy people group cheersTake a look at our clients’ comments & results

We bring your company experience with the bottom line responsibility– making profits. Marketing is not just about cute websites or clever taglines – although we can create those if it fits your strategies!


Total Marketing Services. Total Bliss.  



Need some help? Contact us to find out if we’re right for you.


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