Step 4: To Find More Time & Money in Your Business

**This is step 4 from our 5-step action list. The rest of the steps are below.



 idea walk at lake merritt As the CEO, Director or even solo entrepreneur running a business, it’s critical to keep yourself healthy to maintain your business health.

I like to incorporate a fast walk into each day to increase my heart rate which helps to clear my thinking, visualize great ideas, use nature to inspire answers, and huff & puff out the stress that builds up throughout the day.

While many of us walk on our own to clarify ideas, it’s often helpful to have an experienced business/marketing advisor give us perspective, bring a reality check before we waste time and money on something that just wouldn’t work for our business, or to gain more information so we can make better decisions. Our guided Walks With Bliss do just that!



Recently we took a two Co-Founders /CEO’s out for a business walk prior to their pitch for VC funding. This is what they experienced:

initial blastt logo“Our Walk with Bliss was worth triple the cost we paid — and we know the dividends will continue indefinitely.

My husband and I are in the pre-launch phase of our new company,  and had no clue what would actually transpire during our walk.

Were we in for a HUGE surprise!!!

This advisory session has been invaluable in reworking our business plan, seeing what challenges lie ahead, and what we need to do to address those challenges. . . from big-picture concepts focussed down to specific tactics and strategies for realizing our business objectives. . . with fascinating and fun tricks up her sleeve for those of us who are working on slender budgets.

I cannot recommend her services highly enough to anyone who is facing the daunting task of figuring out what their company is, and then how to get the word out.” – Marianne Lucchesi & Doug Hamilton, BLASTT


watch face tell timeTIME-GAINING TIP: Whether you swim, golf, box, run, walk or do yoga, it’s critical to stay physically and mentally healthy, and get away from the all- consuming task of growing a business to maintain a balance in life. In fact, this separation affords your brain the time to solve problems it simply cannot while you’re still focused on work – so you’ll actually gain time by getting away periodically!



See Step 5 and the rest of the 5 action steps to save time and earn more money here. 



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