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Craving some innovation and productivity at work or in your business? That’s exactly what my "Walks with Bliss" delivers. It's not just a fun stroll . . .

These guided walks are where business savvy & neuroscience meet creative ideas: Business walks designed to unearth answers to your pressing issues. Maybe you’re seeking the next level of possibilities to turn into an actionable reality or higher profits.  Walking Just Makes You Smarter. It’s Proven Science. Coupled with a guide, you may experience actual epiphanies, like many before you.

Here are a few clips from our research on walking. Many articles about this can be found on the "walk" section of our website.

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This New Yorker article explains that "many experiments have shown that after or during exercise, even very mild exertion, people perform better on tests of memory and attention." Because I have ADHD, my memory recall is extremely difficult. When I've had to memorize a speech, I used a  memory recall method from a 16th century monk, which I practiced while walking. Voila! The 1 hour speech locked into memory! (yes, I can show you the technique on a walk).

Does walking help you think? This post highlights just a few of the benefits of walking. It includes a link to a further study on the benefit I call "walking at the speed of human", 120 beats per minute.  It’s a very dense study but fascinating in the relationship of musical rhythms and walking.

Schneider, Askew, Abel, and Strüder (2010) proposed that human movement and rhythmical perception are both bound to the same optimal frequency of 120 beats per min (bpm). . . ”


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