Best time of year

Here are some tips on the best time of year to reach new clients  —  and a few other tidbits to help you build business:

If you feel stuck not knowing which actions will best support your business, simply contact us. Together we’ll figure out the next step. The phone call is free so you have nothing to lose!

Its the typical first week of October: Hope you can stay cool during this heat wave on the way to our mild Bay Area climate!

Complete Marketing & Communications Services

We’ll review your platforms and marketing plan (or actions) and create a strategic plan geared to bring you actual business, not just likes or comments. It’s completely tailored to your needs so just set time for an evaluation to determine reasonable pricing for your unique support.  We bring your ideas into the reality zone.

If You Need Full Support, we’ll handle that for you, too.

About Our Team

We connect people to answers and bring our experts to get it done!

Knowledge is Bliss

Allison Bliss Consulting is the only Bay Area company that brings the total experience and
a complete range of strategic marketing & communications to mid-size and small companies, affordably.

Enlisting our connections and experience in the production of major film/TV/media, besides strategic marketing tactics, and yes (even some AI solutions) we’ve helped hundreds of companies – large & small –  succeed.

You’ll receive the full extent of our strategic knowledge from clients like
Apple, Paramount Pictures, top ad agencies, Intuit, along with many small companies.
You’ll benefit from our resources and seasoned experts that get it done for you, affordably.

Client List

Total Bliss.



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