Walking for Business at Ted Talks

ted talk nilofer merchantFinally, the pioneering Ted Talks have included this revolutionary idea of walking at work.

Speaker Nilofer Merchant¬†“discovered” walking at work similar to me. She explains how sitting is killing us:

  • We spend 9.3 hours a day sitting. That’s more than we spend sleeping at 7.7 hours, on average.
  • Sitting and inactivity is attributable to breast and colon cancer, diabetes and a host of other ailments.




The forward thinking leaders and entrepreneurs who’ve taken our business “idea lab” walks experience that fresh air generates fresh thinking when coupled with an advisor guiding the walk to reasonable answers.

ali beth beach silhou


We welcome smart leaders and business owners to disrupt futile thinking and take a walk with our guide, Allison. It’s guaranteed! Go ahead, contact Allison to discuss what you need solved (510-879-7600) and if we can help, we’ll set up a walk with you.




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