Marketing Issues That Reduce Earning Potential

from my old blog: Monday, August 27, 2007

Having started my career as a musician, then an actor, director & stage manager, it took a debilitating car accident to get me into marketing. I’d always managed businesses during school so thought I’d finally use what I learned to help worthy companies get more business.

It’s funny how we get pulled to solve our own issues in life. My issue was essentially disrespecting the bosses I had at the many jobs where I worked. I always felt I could do it better. (honestly, I think that is common to most of us entrepreneurs).

To survive, I was forced to learn self promotion & clarity–both of which I resisted as hard as I could. I had to overcome never having enough time to do what I wanted (yes, time management is a marketing issue) and learn some new beliefs so that I could increase my earnings.

I didn’t know how I specifically helped people, just that I did. It was that lack of clarity that held me back for years–just as I find with my current clients. And I soon learned that every business owner I helped had marketing ‘issues’ to overcome before we could reach their true earning potential.

For example, common issues are the fear of rejection in sales, the fear of overwhelm in outreach, the lack of experience enabling one to hone products (or services) to generate clarity in what they’re promoting, or believing that marketing is despicable (which I used to until I learned better) rather than a tool to allow one to find those who need what we offer.

I’ve explored this in many articles on my website and found a method that resonated with me to dispel my hatred of marketing:

While it doesn’t work for everyone, it just might change one’s perspective enough to bust out of those self-sabotaging beliefs that prevent our full earning potential.

And the simple truth is that it’s so unbelievably easy for a marketing coach to help others with their issues while ignoring one’s own issues. I should know–I’m a master at waiting til the absolute last possible minute to ask for help. Like most of us entrepreneurs I feel I should be able to solve these problems for myself. WRONG.

In my unquenchable thirst for knowledge, I’d like to know what other issues marketing coaches are on a quest to solve.


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