How to Write a Company Profile: Keys to Succeed

company profile writing tool sidebar2This online wizard (tool) writes your company profile for you – instantly!


OR write your own profile using these tips below: 

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A great company profile can engage and attract the right customers or supporters for a business, or it can bore them to sleep driving them to your competitors.

For media attention, a business needs an intriguing profile to entice editors or reporters to gain an understanding of the company's mission, products, services, personnel and uniqueness.

For social media or web profiles, each platform requires a clear description of products and/or services along with the company's qualifications.

To acquire financing, a comprehensive company profile should be submitted with a business plan. A great profile should feature unique qualifications of the company or personnel that aren't generally outlined in a traditional business profile contained in the plan.

Without a well-crafted company profile, a company may not be attracting the best candidates when posting job descriptions, or even suppliers, vendors or the right clients to help them grow.


company profile writing tool sidebar2This online wizard (tool) writes your company profile for you - instantly!

If you’ve ever tried to write a company profile or bio, you know how difficult it is to do for yourself.

Hiring a competent pro to write your profile/bio costs around $500 – $1000.

This online tool walks you through a series of questions - just like a software wizard - and delivers your company profile instantaneously at the end. You'll simply answer an online questionnaire, so that your answers ensure all critical company profile information is included.

No special software or computer programs are needed! You can revise or spice up your profile any way you want to, once it is completed.

This process was developed for the hundreds of professional bios and company profiles we've submitted for clients who have been published locally and nationally. You don't have to be a writer to use this tool.



"My first and only Company profile, using Allison Bliss Consulting's profile tool, yielded results from the very first customer to whom it was sent!!  The customer, is our local PEPSI bottling plant, the SBC Tanzania. Allison - I’m now acting as your marketing champion in our region of Tanzania. Thank you so much!" - Godfrey Lyatuu, GasFlow Systems Engineering, Tanzania (Engineering Services for the gas industry: systems design, installation, maintenance)



A great profile is certainly critical for a business, but it's not the only promotional tool required to attract new business. That requires experienced, customized high level strategy to identify the best markets for outreach, promotion and building sales to sustain a business' success.  [If you don't already have a marketing action plan, we highly recommend our services for established or entrepreneurial companies, to support your company profile].

These 3 steps will help any company craft a commendable company profile that is true to your vision, perception and even beliefs. For those who don't have the time, we created an online tool that writes your company profile for you. 


1. Provide useful information in lay person's terminology.

A profile should include key personnel, descriptions of the company's products or services in a manner that laypersons, as well as industry personnel, can comprehend.


Because, a reporter might be looking for relevant businesses for a story they are preparing. Naturally, including your company could possibly bring great 'free exposure' to your intended market (if it's a positive story, of course).

If the reporter - or anyone else who is seeking the product or service you provide - cannot figure out what you offer, your profile won't help sell your products, nor entice media to interview your company personnel.

This does not mean you cannot include high level industry information, just be sure to also include some easy-to-comprehend, lay terminology in your description.

How Long Should It Be?

There are no rules about length so use your best judgement to include a full profile where needed, plus a media-friendly short profile for other purposes like an editorial box for articles you write, for organizations to use when you're presenting to their members or other media opportunities.


2. Infuse some personality.

happy people group cheersA great company profile should be filled not only with descriptions of products (or services), but also some sense or personality of the business' culture.

Adding information about the company's purpose, community support or mission (not one of those trite mission statements, though) can add human personality to a profile, thus adding interest to the reader.

People relate to people. So, add something from a human perspective.Your business could explain how profits benefit local animal shelters or homeless populations or you might even employ a humorous style in the description if it's appropriate to the company's products.


company profile writing tool sidebar2Make it professional. Use this wizard tool to write your profile for you. 


Our Online Tool Writes your Company Profile

It Works for Any Business

because the information needed in a profile is the same for all companies (or bios). This tool has been used by thousands of companies worldwide to create company profiles or bios to help:

                    • promote their companies,
                    • for media profiles, or
                    • to submit with business plans for funding.

The questions and profile are in English, only.


Samples of Company Profiles or Bios (Biographies)

primekey logoTake a look at how this Australian software company used this profile tool.

Here are some samples of other profiles we've written for clients, or for media exposure they've gained from having proper company profiles:

* please note: some of these profiles have been updated over the years as those profiled have moved on in their careers. (Yes, they still use a vast portion of these profiles just as you will on yours!)


 Short Company Profile Example:

DOUG HERRING LOGODouglas Herring & Associates (DHA) works with public agencies, developers, and other businesses in California to expertly obtain the environmental and planning approvals needed to move projects from the conceptual stage to physical, benefit-generating reality in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Since 1997, DHA has helped dozens of California cities and counties and scores of other businesses and organizations save money while obtaining high-quality planning and environmental analysis services necessary to get their projects expeditiously approved and built. Learn more on our website:  Douglas Herring & Associates.


Another example

I've always enjoyed the clever and silly product descriptions & profile of the founders of Benefit Cosmetics--and I don't even wear makeup. The company's co-founders are twins who feel they 'benefit' by learning from each other. They share this love by, yes, 'benefitting' the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. Hype or personality? You be the judge. Either way, it grabs a readers attention -and is perfect for their audience, but certainly not a style for all companies. (Our company profile offers a completely different style more appropriate to our clients). 


3. Claim your unique assets.

woman holds sparkler reduced sizeBy explaining a founder's uniquely circuitous route to the company's development, or stating the special awards and honors a company has garnered, the donations or volunteering it's employees provide the community, it gives the reader some grasp of how the company is unique, special or different from others in it's same category.

Elaborating a bit on the education, training, credentials or experience of personnel excites customers and helps them identify the company that fits their own beliefs and criteria.

Being generic and obtuse in your company description makes it really hard for any readers to understand why they would want to do business with a company or buy products/services that sound like any others. Sometimes, adding a client comment clarifies what is valued about your company.

Above all else, be honest and interesting, since plenty of bland, boring and hype-filled profiles already abound.


Make it professional. Use this tool to write your profile for you.




Allison Bliss Consulting is a multiple award-winning full service marketing & communications agency in the San Francisco Bay Area delivering practical, customized solutions to produce more business. With clients including Apple Computers, Intuit, Chip Conley’s Peak Organizations, and hundreds of small business entrepreneurs or leaders, Bliss selected top teams of specialists to create Total Marketing Services. [more . . . ]

No need to guess. All prices and services are listed!

Total Bliss. Contact: 510-879-7600



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  3. Hi Elias; This profile wizard tool will have you provide info about your company and write a profile that you can copy into “word” or any document you wish, to make as attractive as you like.

  4. Hi Ibrahim and other visitors;

    If you’ve already written a profile and want an estimate to perfect it, email it to us with your EXACT instructions about what you don’t like. We’ll send you an estimate for editing it.

    If you haven’t already purchased our company profile tool ( a wizard to walk you through creating a proper profile) I suggest you do that first! You can purchase it at the links above.

    Hope that helps! Allison

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  7. Hi Siwam; Thanks for your comment. When you purchase the company profile tool it is in a form that walks you through answers to create your profile. Good luck, Allison

  8. Thanks for your comment! this was a very old post and much has changed in SEO. Forbes had a good article recently but I didn’t bookmark it because we don’t do SEO for clients anymore. One tip: keep your social media current as that is gaining much higher relevance on search engines in the days to come.

  9. Hi Bharat Security;

    Yes we can write a profile for your company for $900 paid in advance. We’ll need to get background info on your company to write this.

    Your other option is to purchase our profile tool which will deliver a profile based on your answers to relevant questions on the tool. I’d suggest you try that first.

    If you don’t get exactly what you need, contact us via our website to discuss refining your profile with some editing.

    Hope that helps guide you!

    Sincerely, Allison Bliss

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