The Soul of Marketing: Sharing Wisdom

Sharing wisdom is actually what advertising and promotion is all about. Educating those who need our help is the soul of marketing. And helping our clients is the purpose of our business. That’s why I think of marketing as if it’s a kind of ‘spiritual’ practice. No, not religious, but soulful or the outward direction of the spirit of our business goals.

Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama

Almost every spiritual practice has a priest, wise woman (or man), holy person, shaman or spiritual leader who professes the truth to those who wish to learn.

As a business owner, it is our own spiritual quest to profess this truth—our knowledge or education about how our products/services can help others—in an inspired message to those in need.

A common mistake of business owners, usually in their early stages of development, is a lack of sharing this specific, critical information.

For example, common marketing wisdom states that if a company plans to run an advertisement, it should run at least 6-12 times before evaluating its effectiveness, as it takes that many “impressions” of seeing it before it sinks in and takes hold of the very busy people from whom we are trying to evoke a response.

It is important to educate your customers or potential market so they can understand how to use what you offer. The world’s great leaders, like the Ghandi, spent most of their lives educating their “market” -their constituents-  or those they were trying to influence through their teachings, prayer, and practices. As business owners, we could learn a lesson from them: If we spend more time teaching and less time telling people they need our products, we may move further along in our divine purpose.

As one observes the great world leaders from the Dalai Lama to Martin Luther King, we notice that even our great leaders spread their message through the use of many media—from word of mouth, to television interviews, direct mail, teaching and lecturing, and e-news or websites.

It is important to mix our messages into many type of media in order to reach as wide a target market as we can since not everyone watches tv, opens direct mail pieces, or follows Twitter.

And lest you think I’m being sacreligious comparing the gospel of our great leaders to marketing, well, it’s time you rethink your perception of marketing: It’s a practice that’s all about helping people. And in the thousands of clients I’ve helped, I’ve only ever met one person who was just in business to make money and not truly devoted to helping people in some way.

If you need marketing insight and services, we’re here to help. After all, Knowledge is Bliss.


The Soul of Marketing: Sharing Wisdom — 2 Comments

  1. I completely agree. Rather than selling and telling, it is far more effective in the long run to educate your market on the value you provide. And keep in mind that it’s the value to the user/buyer that is important, not the value to you the seller/provider. Determining exactly what that value is, and how to effectively communicate it to the appropriate audience is both the art and science of marketing. That’s why we need insightful, intuitive teachers like you.

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