Video with a Purpose

This week we’re featuring our amazing client “One World Music” to showcase their demo video. We worked with the company’s creative director, Gary Muszinski, as well as stellar video editor and filmmaker Rick Wise, advising them how to strengthen the marketing points to show¬† the vast benefits of the company’s valuable training for organizations.

Let us know what you think: Would you hire them to train your teams to play and work together more productively? Don’t they look like more fun than a boring powerpoint speaker?


Video with a Purpose — 1 Comment

  1. If I had a group of people that I needed to get on board with each other I would absolutely hire One World Music. What a clever, inventive and inspiring way to transform co-workers into a team that is totally in sync with one another. So much more fun than listening to a speaker and watching his or her Powerpoint presentation. Kuddos to the One World Music team!

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