Why Does it Work?

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Why Does It Work? Other Participant Experiences . . . 

Together we‘re absorbing the power of nature.

Unlimited vistas influence your capacity to grasp new ideas and explore your unknown capabilities or “Blue Sky Thinking”, as it’s often called. There are many other reasons on our “Brain Research” page that support our anecdotal experience:

“Through this process you’ll learn to ramp up your business savvy – often 100 times faster than you would in a classroom  – because your whole body is engaged in this transformative process.”  – Allison Bliss, Consultant, Walks With Bliss


Other Comments from Group Participants:

The walk was very pleasant and fun. Not only did I enjoy the brainstorming, but we got to know the other people on our team in a little different way because we’re in a different environment than normal. It was very relaxing.


There was nothing pulling at us from the outside. What we’re doing is focusing strictly on a non stressful, non hurried, leisurely walk.


We know you do have a very structured time guiding this walk, but that didn’t come through in the experience. We didn’t feel rushed, even though we knew we had to start and end on time.


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