How To Market a Service & Enjoy It!

There is a special “help” gene in people who are brave enough to run service businesses.

These businesses come in all sizes and flavors, from auto repair to psychotherapy, teaching to dentistry, financial wizards to farmers.



In honor of service businesses worldwide, we offer our Blissful Wisdom ebook for free to help our blog subscribers increase business and enjoy marketing. Really! There are chapters on building  outreach lists, creating ads that work, tactics you can do yourself at no cost, and tips on putting it all together.

Common Assets

Because we help service companies, we’ve discovered they have many honorable assets in common:

  • They take responsibility and are proud to deliver what they offer to their clients/patients.
  • They work hard to be the best in their industry.
  • They don’t blame issues on broken parts, like product companies who are notorious for this (and even sell “service contracts” knowing their parts will break!).
  • They take comments from clients personally and constantly strive to improve because they really care.

Common Issues

Almost universally, these assets induce companies to focus on their service and not their marketing. This can lead to that “Field of Dreams” belief: “If we’re really great at what we do, they will come”. And while great work is encouraged and helps with word of mouth marketing, it’s simply not sufficient in today’s global market.

What if you could Market a Service Company and Enjoy It?

You’re providing a service valued by your clients, right? So, it should be fun to market that because you’re just helping more people get what they need.

Starting our agency, we struggled with the same issues and finally concluded that marketing is rather like a monk’s discipline, sort of a soulful (or dare I say ‘spiritual’) practice with a purpose of helping others. There are steps to take to be true to your values or beliefs. When you have clarity about what you’re promoting and properly convey that message, you’ll attract clients who value what you offer. Easy!

Communicate with Clients and Potential Clients

For businesses who aren’t already meeting their goals, these articles and tools were designed to get you on track, save you wasted time and cost:

  • Prioritize Your Marketing. It’s not just about tweeting 3 hours a day – that’s not likely to get you enough business unless your other tactics are in place. You’re smarter than that!
  • Mix It Up So More People Can Find You! Create presentations, articles, videos, publicity, enews, blogs or more to mix up communication in order to be found by those who need your services.

It’s important to stay regularly and frequently connected to your market keeping your business name in front of them so they don’t go to your competitors! No matter how great your business, your clients probably have so many people in their face trying to get their business – and they’ll forget about you if you don’t remind them – often!

Once you get connected, you’ll enjoy the feedback (and retained business) which is when marketing becomes enjoyable.

Here’s a tool that writes your company profile for you which can be used on a website, letter, email or just to inform your clients, funders or the media.

Get Your Website Working Harder

If you’re not getting and converting tons of traffic into clients, you probably need an Internet Marketing Consultation to find out how to fix your SEO (search engine optimization) so you get found top of Google for your category.

In over a decade we’ve never had anyone who understood properly how to define their keywords so this article may save you thousands of mispent dollars on SEO.

Here’s a great guest article on our blog about social-media-oriented ways for Using Images to Enhance Your Blog.



Add social icons to your blog and website  (see mine on the top right)



  • Build your database of contacts to 10,000 for a sustainable business. You’ll find a chapter in our free ebook with instructions.
  • Use an email sending program so your news actually gets through sp*m filters.
  • We have hundreds of articles to help you at no cost. Some you find in our search bar by the topic you seek and some are on our media & articles page


Still need help? Take a look at our complete Marketing Services – all pricing is specified, or contact us with your challenge to see if we can solve it for you.  510-879-7600.

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