Social Media Overtakes Advertising

Thanks to Xplane’s terrific video on Social Media for this information which I believe is changing our ‘world order’ in marketing communications. Here are my ‘clif notes’ but the full video can be seen here:


From Xplane

Here are my clif notes pullled from this video:

This year advertising is in steep decline:

  • print down 18%
  • TV down 10%
  • radio down 11%
  • magazines down 14.8%

the number of unique visitors each month for major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS):  10 million


Meanwhile, digital advertising is growing rapidly:

  • cel phone ads are up 18%
  • internet ads are up 11%

The number of unique visitors each month on Social Media (YouTube, Facebook and MySpace):

250 million

If you want the full report, watch the video.


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Social Media Overtakes Advertising — 2 Comments

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